Documentation: Realty

Version: 2.4.3 – Latest Update: Feb 23, 2016

Getting Started

This documentation will guide you through the installation process and illustrate how to use/customize this theme.

If you are new to WordPress the official WordPress Codex, WordPress Forums are a good place to start. Often a quick Google search is all it takes to find an answer to your question. For any theme related question beyond the scope of this documentation don’t hesitate and head over to the support center.

Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress up and running before you proceed and install the theme:

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Quick Search Tip: Access your browser search with keyboard shortcut "Crtl+F" (Windows) or "CD+F" (OSX) for instant results.

Best Practices

Even if you are already familiar with WordPress, and feel like skipping the entire theme documentation, please make sure to follow at least the best practices listed below to prevent/solve the most common theme issues.

  • Permalinks SettingsGo to Settings > Permalinks, select “post name” and click “Save Changes”.
  • Property Search Doesn’t WorkEvery field type of your property search (Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search) must have a “Unique Search Parameter” (all lowercase letters, no empty spaces).
  • Property Search Goes To Blog PageMake sure you created a page which is using page template “Property Search Results”.
  • Assign Front Page And Blog PostsGo to Settings > Reading > Front page displays, select “A static page” and choose your pages.
  • Assign Menu LocationGo to Appearance > Menus, scroll down to “Menu Settings and select “Main Menu” under “Theme locations”.
  • Property ImagesMinimum dimension for any property image is 600×300 pixel. Recommended width of 1600 pixel and max. size of 200 KB.
  • Select A Profile PictureWhen selecting a profile picture from your WP admin area make sure to select “Full Size” image.
  • Don’t Edit Theme Code DirectlyDo not edit any of the theme core files directly, as all your changes will be lost when updating the theme. Use a child theme for all your code changes.

Theme Installation

  • via WordPress: Go to Appearance, click “Add New”. At the top of the page click “Upload”. Browse and select “” than press “Install Now”. Once the theme has been uploaded you will see a “Theme installed successfully.” message. Now click “Activate”.
  • via FTP: Open your FTP application and upload the unzipped “realty” folder to “wp-content/themes/”. Once uploaded, login to WordPress and go to Appearance > Themes and click the “Activate” button on the Realty screenshot.

Required/Recommended Plugins

There are a few plugins required/recommended for Realty to work. Please install and activate these plugins:

  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro (required)
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin (recommended)
  • Realty – Custom Post Types And Taxonomies (required)
  • Realty – Data Migration (only required if you update from Realty 1.x to v2.0)
  • Realty – Membership Packages And Invoices (only required if you enable membership plans)

After activating the theme you will see the following notification in your WordPress admin area:

Click “Begin installing plugins”. On the next page select all plugins, choose Bulk Action “Install” and click “Apply” to install the recommended plugins.

In case you already dismissed this notification go to Appearance > Install Plugins, hover over the plugins’ name and click “Install”.

Now click “Return to Required Plugins Installer”, select all plugins, choose Bulk Action “Activate” and click “Apply” to activate the recommended plugins.

Required/Recommended Plugin Updates

When you have updated the theme you will see a notification that tells you for which prepacked plugin an update is available. It will look like this:


Make sure to click “Begin Updating Plugins” if you see such a notification, to ensure you always have the latest, most compatible/secure version of any plugin installed. If you somehow dismiss the notification go to Appearance > Install plugins and update all plugins from there.

Required Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Realty 2.1+ requires Advanced Custom Fields plugin to be installed and activated. Without it, the theme will not work properly.

ACF is the most popular custom fields plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add all kinds of custom fields to any post type. It is integrated into the Realty theme so you can add your very own property fields.

How To Import Default Fields

Before you can see and use any fields you have to import default fields in ACF. For this purpose please follow the steps below.

If you have been using Realty prior to v2.3 you have to import the “realty-acf-slideshow-settings.json” file, as field group “Slideshow Settings” is new in v2.3. It’s being used in page template “Slideshow”.

  1. After you have installed and activated the Realty theme and ACF Pro go to Custom Fields > Tools
  2. Under “Import Field Group” click “Choose File” and upload “realty-acf-all-fields.json”. You can find this file when you unzip your purchased “”.
  3. Click “Import” to run the importer. Once finished go to “Custom fields” on left panel and you should see new field groups added named “Property Fields”, “Additional Fields” and “Slideshow Settings”.


IMPORTANT: Do not make any changes to any “Field Name”, you can change “Field Label” and other values/settings, but DO NOT change “Field Name” for any of the default fields imported by you.

Where can I find the license key for Advanced Custom Fields Pro?

Realty includes the ACF Pro plugin for free. But as any other bundled premium plugin, we are not allowed to share the license key with you. You can read more about it here:

ACF Pro Update Method

Whenever we release a theme update we include the latest version of ACF Pro, and make adjustment in theme according to each update of the plugin.

You can’t update the premium plugin yourself. Please ignore the updates until we release a theme update. If you want to update ACF to the latest version by yourself, you can purchase a license of ACF Pro from:

With each update of the theme, if you are asked to update ACF PRO plugin, you can update the plugin and if that process fails you can try the following method.

Please deactivate, uninstall and delete Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin. When you will do that you will see a notification to install “Advanced Custom Fields Pro” plugin. If you do not see that please go to Appearance->Install Plugins.

You will see Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin in the list, please install and activate the plugin and you will get the latest plugin with respect to our theme update.

Note: Please make sure when you try this method, you have parent realty theme active , if the child theme will be active the process will throw error. You can switch back to child them after updating the plugin.

ACF Pro Additional Fields

On top of the default fields you can add as many field groups/fields as you want.

If you want to create new fields or you want to create another field group for properties, you can do that easily. These custom property fields are visible on the single property page, property submit page and can also be used for your own custom property search.

Currently Supported Custom Field Types:

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Email
  • Date Picker
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • taxonomy
  • Page Link
  • Url
  • Oembed (only for tab view)

How To Create Additional Property Field Group

Once you have installed and activated the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin, go to  Custom Fields on the left-hand side of your WordPress menu. First of all we have to create a so called “Field Group”. There for click “Add New” next to the Field Group title, as shown in the screenshot below.

Advanced Custom Fields - "Add New"

On the next screen under Location > Rules > Show this field group if set the post type to equal “property”, as the screenshot below illustrates.

Advanced Custom Fields - Field Group - Location

How To Add Additional Custom Property Fields

Simply click the blue “+Add Field” button and enter the field settings. The “Label” appears on the single property page under “Additional details”. “Name” is created automatically, but here you have to make a little change in name of the field.

Please make sure to add a prefix “additional_” to the field name which you have created.

Do not apply this rule on “Label”, it is only required for “Field Name”. The purpose of this prefix is to differentiate between default fields and additional fields.

For example: your additional field name “Lot Size” you would give a field name like “additional_lot_size”.

If you don’t use the “additional_” prefix for a field name, the field will not show up single property (“Additional Details” section).

When using the date picker make sure to set “Save Format” and “Display Format” to “yymmdd”. Otherwise it won’t be searchable in the property search form.

Once you are finished creating all custom property fields, click “Publish”.

When editing a property you will find the field group you just created at the very bottom of the page, right underneath the default “Property Settings”.

IMPORTANT: All custom property fields are also available in your property search within the search field dropdown under Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search (Learn more about property search).

How to output custom fields anywhere in your theme:

Advanced Custom Fields Resources:

Recommended Plugin: Bootstrap 3

As this theme is built on the popular Bootstrap 3 framework you can easily add all its elements using the free Bootstrap 3 plugin. Above the text editor of every post or page you will see the following icon:


A click on it opens a modal that lets you insert all kinds of Bootstrap elements, such as grids, alert, toggles etc.

To learn more about Bootstrap 3 visit:

Recommended Plugin: Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Realty v2.4 supports the most popular page builder for WordPress: Page Builder by SiteOrigin, which comes with some amazing features:

  • Visual Editor Admin Area
  • Frontend Live Editor
  • History
  • Prebuild Page Layouts

How To Install & Use The Page Builder

  1. Install and activate the page builder plugin from the notification bar in your admin area OR go to Plugins > Add New and search for “Page Builder”. Click “Install Now” on the plugin that says “by SiteOrigin”.
  2. Once page builder is installed and activated go to Settings > Page Builder and check the “Property” box under “General” tab and click “Save Settings”. This will enable the page builder for all your properties.
  3. When editing a post, page or property you will see a “Page Builder” tab on the top right corner of you text editor. Click it to enter the page editor mode.
  4. First add a row by clicking the “Add Row” menu item. This will open a popup where you can create your own column based grid layout. Once you have clicked “Insert” you can click into any of the columns you just created and add any widget into it by clicking the “Add Widget” menu item. Choose any of the “Realty Widgets” or “WordPress Widgets”, the others you can ignore.

How To Build A Page:

We highly recommend to give the official page builder documentation a read as well:

Recommended Plugin: Contact Form 7

After you have installed and activated Contact Form 7 plugin you will see a new menu item named “Contact” on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin area. This plugin allows you to add contact forms anywhere on your site. Each form has its own shortcode, which you simply copy & paste wherever you need it.

This is the code for the theme demo contact form:

<div class="row">
<div class="form-group col-sm-6">
[text* your-name class:form-control id:name placeholder "Name"]
[email* your-email class:form-control id:email placeholder "Email"]
[text your-subject class:form-control id:subject placeholder "Subject"]
<div class="form-group col-sm-6">
[textarea your-message class:form-control id:message placeholder "Message"]
<div class="form-group col-sm-12">
[quiz captcha "7even + 5ive = |12"]
[submit class:btn class:btn-primary "Send the message"]

Contact Form Setup

As our contact form of choice we are using the popular Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin. Before reading on make sure that you have installed and activated it, as described under Recommended / Required Plugins

Once activated go to Contact. You will see a default contact form named Contact form 1.

If you have imported the demo content there will be two contact forms named “Contact – 1 Column” (used for the text widget “contact”) and “Contact – 2 Columns” (used for the contact page).

IMPORTANT: Under Mail you have to replace the recipient’s email address with your own.

You can also customize the message the recipient gets and a couple of other options. Under Messages you can customize the notifications, such as errors and success, that the person submitting the contact form will see.

Contact Form Captcha

Contact Form 7 supports two types of captchas, to protect you from spam mails being submitted through your contact form.

1. Quiz Captcha

This is what we use by default. The code for it is:

[quiz captcha "7even + 5ive =|12"]

You can create your very own quiz by creating a question + answer. The default quiz is asking for the result of 7 + 5, which is 12. To learn more about Quiz Captchas go to:

2. Really Simple CAPTCHA

You are probably familiar with image captchas from many websites you are visiting every day. But not everyone likes to answer them plus they require graphic libraries installed on your server. That’s why by default we include the Quiz Captcha. To learn more about the Really Simple CAPTCHA go to:

Than you want to use it instead of the Quiz Captcha replace the quiz shortcode with this:

[captchac captcha] [captchar captcha]

Also install & activate the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin for it to work.

How to add a contact form to a post or page

To actually use the contact on your site form we have to copy the custom shortcode, which you will see at the very top of your contact form page. In our case the contact form shortcode is:

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

As the ID is a random number you will probably see a different one. Copy this shortcode and paste it into the text editor of your contact page.

That’s it. You can create as many contact forms as you need and paste them wherever you want.

Recommended Plugin: Slim Jetpack

We use the “Tiled Galleries” and “Carousel” of this plugin to enhance images and galleries (see:, but it has plenty of additional features, that you can play with.

Go to Settings > Slim Jetpack to access the plugins’ settings. Activate “Tiled Galleries” and “Carousel”.

Under Settings > Media > Image Gallery Carousel you can customize the gallery settings as we did:


Optional Plugin: Latest Tweets Widget

If you want to show your latest tweets we recommend using the following plugin: Go to Plugins > Add New and type in “Latest Tweets Widget”. Its the first plugin in the list by Tim Whitlock.

Make sure to enter your Twitter API keys under Settings > Twitter API. There are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to get those keys.

Demo Content Import

This step is optional, but highly recommended, as it will help you understand how all the parts of the theme play together. You can build upon the demo content or simply copy-and-paste what what you need, and delete the demo files.

Important: Before you import demo content Please make sure that you have installed and activated Advanced Custom Fields Pro Plugin, Follow here Advanced Custom Fields Pro Also make sure that you have imported property default fields and slideshow settings, it is a few clicks process, follow instructions Here for this purpose.

Important: The demo content is using shortcodes. Make sure you have installed and activated all recommended plugins as described above.

Go to Tools > Import. Click on “WordPress”. If you haven’t already installed the importer you will see a popup. Click on “Install Now”. After a few seconds the installation is done. Click on “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”.

To upload the demo content browse and select the demo XML file called “realty-demo-content.xml”. Click on “Upload File and Import”.

You can now either 1. import the author from the demo content, 2. create a new user or 3. assign posts to an existing user. To keep it simple use option 3 and assign the imported posts to an existing user.

If you want to import free stock demo images make sure to check “Download and import file attachments”.

Setting Up Pages

Page Settings

Underneath the text editor you can turn the sidebar on/off on a per-page-basis.

Setting a featured image as we did on the blog index page, will add a top banner to this page, that shows the page title.

If you have imported the demo content, the following pages have already been created for you. We still recommend to read this chapter for better comprehension.

Setup Front Page & Blog

If you have done the import of the demo content you can skip the “Creating Front Page” and “Creating Blog Page” part and go straight to Assigning Front Page (and Blog Page).

Creating the Front Page

Go to Pages > Add New. Give it a title of “Frontpage” or whatever you find appropriate.

On the right hand side under Page Attributes > Template you can choose between different page templates. For the frontpage we recommend to use either:

Default Template
When selecting the “Intro” template (Demo Intro Page Example) you’ll see a new option named “Intro Fullscreen Background Slideshow Images” under “Page Settings”. Click “Select or Upload Images” to add images to your fullscreen background slideshow of your intro page.

You can add any content to your frontpage. Make sure to have a look at the Real Estate Shortcodes that allow you to add predefined complex content to your site with a single click.

Then hit “Publish”.

Creating the Blog Page

Go to Pages > Add New. Give this new page a title of “Blog” or whatever you find appropriate.

Use the “Default Template” under “Page Attributes”.

On the right-hand side you can set a “Featured Image” for your blog, that shows as a background image of the top banner, together with the blog title.

Then hit “Publish”. You can, but don’t have to add any content here.

Assigning Front Page (and Blog Page)

Go to Settings > Reading and select “A static page (select below)”, then assign the pages you have created in the previous step. For “Front page” select “Frontpage”, and for “Posts page” select “Blog”. Then hit “Save Changes”.

Note: Your “Blog” has its own widgetized sidebar.

User Registration & Login

First you have to enable user registration under Settings > General > Membership. Set “New User Default Role” underneath this option to “Subscriber”.

Users can log in via login popup or page, you can set this option from Appearance > Theme Options > Header.

If you select “Login Page” you have to create a login page as well. Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Login” under Page Attributes > Template and hit “Publish”.

Users have front-end access to their profile information and saved favorites. User profile and favorites page use a custom page template. We have to create those pages and assign them in the Theme Options Panel. There for go to Page > Add New, give it a title of “Profile” and select “User – Profile” under Page Attributes > Template, hit “Publish”. Create another page, give it a title of “Favorites” and assign page template “User – Favorites” to it, then hit “Publish.

Contact Page

Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Contact” under Page Attributes > Template. Insert your Contact Form 7 shortcode, and hit “Publish”.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact to customize the Contact Page Map.

Note: Page Template “Contact” has its own widgetized sidebar.

Search Results Page

Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Search Results” OR “Property Map Vertical” under Page Attributes > Template. Adding content is optional. Hit “Publish”. This page will be used to show your property search results. Please make sure you choose the right template based on the selection you make in Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search.

Property Comparison Page

Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Property Comparison” under Page Attributes > Template. Adding content is optional. Hit “Publish”. This page will be used to show your property comparison results.

Intro Page

Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Intro” under Page Attributes > Template, then hit “Publish”. You will now see a few intro settings under “Page Settings” that allow you to add a background image slideshow or show a Youtube/Vimeo background video (NEW in Realty 2.3). To show a single background image select a “Featured Image”.

Slideshow Page

Page template “Home Slideshow” and “Property Slideshow” have been removed in Realty 2.3. They are now merged into the ACF field powered “Slideshow” page template. Which is less redundant and allows you to created an unlimited number of slideshow pages, either with properties or custom content.

Please follow the steps below to setup the new “Slideshow” page template:

  1. The “Slideshow” page template is using ACF fields. Please make sure you have completed the steps under Advanced Custom Fields Pro first before reading on.
  2. If you have been using Realty prior to v2.3 make sure to edit any page that is using “Home Slideshow” and “Property Slideshow” page template, and set the page template of those pages to “Slideshow”, then save your changes.
  3. A “Slideshow Settings” meta box should now be visible underneath your text editor (see screenshot below).

Realty - Page Template "Slideshow"


Realty comes with all essential real estate shortcodes. Overview:

Click the blue ThemeTrail dropdown icon in the menu bar of your text editor to access and insert them into any post/page:

Child Theme

Never edit any of the theme core files directly, as all your changes will be lost, when updating the theme. This is where the Child Theme comes in handy. You find a blank child theme within your download, named Upload it as you would upload a normal WordPress theme. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate “Realty Child Theme”. You can add your own styles to “style.css” after the “@import” on line 17.

To learn more about how to use a Child Theme have a look at the official WordPress Codex:

Quick note: functions.php of a Child Theme, unlike style.css, does not override its counterpart from the parent. Instead, it is loaded in addition to the parent’s functions.php (specifically, it is loaded right before the parent’s file).


If you enabled the login/registration bar under Appearance > Theme Options > Header and memberships under Settings > General > Membership your visitors can register on your site. The default user role is set to “Subscriber”.

An agent has the capability to publish properties without manual approval from the site admin. But the site admin has to set a user role to “agent” first. Therefor go to Users and click on the users’ username you want to give property publishing capabilities. Set “Role” to “Agent”, scroll down and click “Update User”.

Note: The “Agent” detail page has its own widgetized sidebar. Use the “Featured Agent” widget to show a certain agent anywhere on your site.

Agent Profile Page

Agent profile pages are created automatically when you create a new agent. The profile of any agent on the frontend has the following URL format: (for example:

Since v2.1 you also have an option to create agents page. Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Agents” under Page Attributes > Template and hit “Publish”. You can also decide which information to show and which information to hide from visitors. You can find these options under Appearance > Theme Options > Agents.


Go to Testimonials > Add New to create a new testimonial. Set a Featured Image, if you have a photo of the person, that you are going to quote, and use the testimonial textarea to add testimonial content.
Now on front-end you can show testimonials in two styles. Please use these shortcodes.

[testimonials_vertical order="asc" count="10"]   
[testimonials order="asc" count="10"]


This theme provides the following widgetized areas:

  • Blog Sidebar
  • Property Sidebar
  • Agent Sidebar
  • Page Sidebar
  • Contact Sidebar
  • Footer Column 1 Sidebar
  • Footer Column 2 Sidebar
  • Footer Column 3 Sidebar

Besides the default WordPress widgets Realty offers the following real estate specific widgets:

  • Realty – Featured Agent
  • Realty – Featured Properties
  • Realty – Property Search
  • Realty – Testimonials
  • Realty – Latest Posts
  • Realty – Agent Properties

If you are using the dsIDXpress plugin you will find these additional widgets:

  • IDX Areas
  • IDX Listings
  • IDX Search
  • IDX Single Listing

Go to Appearance > Widgets, then Drag & Drop the widget(s) from the left-hand side into the appropriate widget area on the right-hand side. Once a widget has been placed into a widget area you can expand its options by clicking the little arrow next to the widget title.

Sidebars can be toggled on/off on a per-page-basis. To do so simply scroll down when editing a page, and set the checkbox “Hide Sidebar” under “Page Settings” at the very bottom of the page.


Make sure that you have setup the blog page properly, before you continue.

To create a new blog post go to Posts > Add New.

On the right hand-side of the “Edit Post” screen you can choose between the following post types:

Post Type: Standard

This is the default post type.

Post Type: Image

When setting a featured image it will show on top of your blog post, followed by the title and post content.

Post Type: Gallery

Add your content. Scroll down to “Gallery Settings” and select the images you want to add to use for this gallery. Order via drag-and-drop.

Post Type: Video

Add your content. Scroll down to “Video Settings”, and paste in the Full Video URL.

Theme Options

Realty comes with an extensive theme options panel (powered by Redux Framework). It allows you to customize the theme to your very own needs without touching a single line of code. All theme options are located under Appearance > Theme Options. To change an option simply browse the theme options tabs on the left-hand side, make your changes and click “Save Changes”.

Import / Export Options

Always backup your options, before you apply big changes.


This is the core of your real estate theme. Make sure to study it thoroughly in order to really understand how the theme handles property creation, management, payments etc.

Property Theme Options

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Properties to customize the overall property settings.

How To Add A New Property

Go to Properties > Add New to add a new property.

A property has the following attributes in common:

  • Property Location (e.g. London, Paris etc.)
  • Property Status (e.g. For Rent, For Sale etc.)
  • Property Type (e.g. House, Apartment etc.)
  • Property Features (e.g. Balcony, Pool etc.)

These are being used for the property search and to list all properties that have a certain attribute assigned, e.g. all properties with the location London, or the status Rent.

Property Content

Use the visual/text editor to add all necessary property content.

Property Settings

Below the editor you will find “Property Settings”.

  • Property LocationLists all property locations (taxonomy “property-location”), which are also accessible under Properties > Property Location
  • Property StatusLists all property status’ (taxonomy “property-status”), which are also accessible under Properties > Property Status
  • Property TypeLists all property types (taxonomy “property-type”), which are also accessible under Properties > Property Type
  • Property FeaturesLists all property features (taxonomy “property-features”), which are also accessible under Properties > Property Features
  • Property ImagesThis is your featured image. It’s being used in your property listings as well (if no image is selected a default placeholder image will be shown instead). Min. dimension is 600x300px.
  • Gallery ImagesIf you have more than one image of a single property, select, insert and order them via Drag & Drop here.
    Min. dimension is 600x300px
  • AddressType in and select the property address.
  • Custom Property IDOptional. Can be used for the property search to find a certain property.
  • FeaturedIf checked a star icon will be shown in the property listing.
  • LayoutChoose between Full Width and Boxed layout. Default is the Theme Option Setting under Appearance > Theme Options > Properties
  • Video ProviderChoose between “YouTube” and “Vimeo”.
  • Video IDInsert your YouTube or Videmo video ID.
  • Status UpdateUpdate the property status. E.g. “Rented Out”, “Sold”.
  • Available FromSelect the date when the property will be available.
  • Property Price PrefixText that appears before property price (e.g. “from “)
  • Property PriceEnter the property price.
  • Property Price SuffixText that appears after property price (e.g. “per month”)
  • SizeEnter the property size.
  • Size UnitText that appears after property size (e.g. “sq ft”)
  • RoomsEnter the number of rooms.
  • BedroomsEnter the number of bedrooms.
  • BathroomsEnter the number of bathrooms.
  • GaragesEnter the number of garages.
  • Contact InformationSelect which contact information to display on property detail page.
  • Assign AgentOptional. Assign an agent to the property, different from the original property publisher.
  • Internal NoteOptional. Only visible within the WordPress admin area.
  • AttachmentsSelect any additional files such sa PDFs and they will show up under “Attachments” on your single property page.
  • Floor PlanSelect and upload any number of floor plans. Visible under “Floor Plans” on your single property page.

Note: Post Type “Property” has its own widgetized sidebar.

Property Management & Submit

Once logged-in you can submit new properties and manage your existing ones from the frontend. Users with a role of “Agent” can publish properties right away. Whereas the default user “Subscriber” has to submit his/her properties for review. They are set as “Pending”, until approved through the site admin.

Visitors that register on your site are set to user role “Subscriber”. To give users the capability to publish properties by themselves, go to Users and click on the users’ username you want to give publishing capabilities. Set “Role” to “Agent”, scroll down and click “Update User”.

When a user submits a new property you will get notified via email. By default the email is send to the site admins’ email address, entered under Settings > General > E-mail Address. If you want to use a different email address for submit notifications go to Appearance >Theme Options > Property Submit > Send Email Notification To and enter an email address of your choice.

You can allow users to submit properties in one of three ways:

  1. Free / No Paid Submission
  2. Pay Per Listing
  3. Membership

Property Payments

Realty supports the payment methods PayPal and Stripe (credit card payments).

You can charge any amount of your liking to let users publish properties on your site. Either once or recurring, per listing or via custom membership packages.

By default submitting properties is set to “Free / No Paid Submission”. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Property Submit to change this setting you your preference.

Theme Option: Property Submit

Select “Pay Per Listing” or “Membership” if you want to charge users for publishing their properties on your site.

Enable Payment Methods

Check “Enable PayPal Payments” under Appearance> Theme Options > Property Submit to let your user pay via PayPal.


Check “Enable Stripe Payments” under Appearance> Theme Options > Property Submit to let your user pay via Stripe.


Payments via PayPal

Make sure you have entered your PayPal merchant ID/email, the currency code and payment amount. It is also recommended to set an email address for IPN notifications, so you get notified about transaction successes and failures via email.

If enabled all users with a role of “Subscriber” will see the yellow PayPal “Buy Now” button next to each property they have submitted.

Payment details are visible in the admin area at the bottom of each property edit page.



In Realty v2.2 we have added membership plans. If you want to give users the ability to subscribe to different packages on your site to submit properties then you have to enable memberships first. Therefore go to Appearance > Theme Options > Property Submit >Property Submit Type and select “Memberships” as shown in the screenshot below.


Install Plugin

After you have selectes “Memberships” from the theme options panel you have install “Realty- Membership Packages And Invoices” plugin, which comes prepacked with the theme and is available in recommended list of plugins in Appearance > Install Plugins. It also shows up in the notification for plugin installs.


Create Membership Packages

Once your have installed the memberships plugin you can start to create your package plans by going to Memberships > Add New Package. You will be able to see a screen where you can add “Package Details” as shown below:


To view your created packages create a new page and assign page template “Membership Packages” to it. Alternatively you can also use the shortcode:


In both methods you will see a list of created and active packages.

You can create your stripe account here:

In your Stripe dashboard, you will be able to create membership subscription plans. “Plans” tab will help you to create subscription plans.


Property Bulk Import

Easily import all your existing properties in bulk using Realty and the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

Step 1 of 2: Adding All Your Properties To The Property CSV File

First of all you have to add your property’s data to the example CSV file.

You can also download the Property CSV Importer file from: Realty – Properties – CSV Import – WP Ultimate CSV Importer

What follows is an overview plus explanation of the CSV data:

  • post_titleProperty Title (Will be used for the permalink, if post_slug is empty)
  • post_contentProperty Description. The content you would normally add via the text editor.
  • post_dateProperty Publishing Date. Format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS (e.g. 08/31/2014 09:00:00)
  • post_slugOptional. Property link name.
  • post_authorAuthor Of The Property.
  • featured_imageURL to the featured image.
  • post_statusOptional. Set the property post status. Wehn using the same status, such as “published”, leave this empty for now, and set it later straight from the CSV Importer plugin.
  • property-locationProperty location. Valid are property location slug or name.
  • property-statusProperty status. Valid are property status slug or name.
  • property-typeProperty type. Valid are property type slug or name.
  • property-featuresProperty features. Separate features with “|”. For example: air-conditioning | balcony | built-in-kitchen | dryer
  • raw_property_addressProperty address. For example: 1 Main Street, New York, NY, United States
  • raw_property_latitudeLatitude. For example: 40.762381How to convert addresses to latitude/longitude in batch
  • raw_property_longitudelongitude. For example: -73.949443How to convert addresses to latitude/longitude in batch
  • estate_property_custom_agentOptional. Assign agent to property.
  • estate_property_available_fromFormat: Integer. Date from which the property will be available from. Format: YYYYMMDD (e.g. 20140831 for 31st of August 2014)
  • estate_property_bathroomsFormat: Integer. Number of bathrooms.
  • estate_property_bedroomsFormat: Integer. Number of bedrooms.
  • estate_property_featuredFormat: Boolean. Set property to “Featured” by entering “TRUE” or “1”.
  • estate_property_garagesFormat: Integer. Number of garages.
  • estate_property_idOptional. Property ID.
  • estate_property_layoutSingle property layout. If empty theme option settings will be used. Override on a property basis by setting it to either “full_width” or “boxed”.
  • estate_property_priceFormat: Integer. Property Price.
  • estate_property_price_textPrice suffix, such as “/week”.
  • estate_property_roomsFormat: Integer. Total number of rooms.
  • estate_property_sizeFormat: Integer. Property size.
  • estate_property_size_unitProperty size unit. Example: “sq ft” or “sq m”
  • estate_property_status_updateProperty status update. Example: “Rented Out” or “Sold”.
  • estate_page_hide_sidebarFormat: Boolean. Enter “TRUE” or “1” to hide the sidebar for this property.
  • raw_property_attachmentsFormat: ‘|’ separated URLs for example:|
  • raw_property_galleryFormat: ‘|’ separated URLs for example:|
How To Convert Addresses To Latitude/Longitude Coordinates In Batch

Go to and insert all your properties addresses into the “Input” textfield. Important: One address per line! Your settings should match the screenshot below:

Batch Geocoding

Once the batch is done, copy the coordinates from “Output” into the “raw_property_latitude” and “raw_property_longitude” columns of your CSV file by adding the part before “,” in “raw_property_latitude” column and the part after that in “raw_property_longitude” and save/export, for example the out put is: 40.762381,-73.949443 then 40.762381 will go into “raw_property_latitude” and -73.949443 will go to “raw_property_longitude”.

Step 2 of 2: Import Your Properties Using Your Property CSV File

After successful preparation of our property CSV file we can now download the plugin WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin from the repository or you go to Plugins > Add New, search for “WP Ultimate CSV Importer” by, and hit “Install”.

IMPORTANT: Now the plugin is available in wordpress repository Here with lot of new features.

Once installed, activate the plugin.

You’ll find a new menu item called “WP Ultimate CSV Importer”. Click on it, and go to “Imports > Custom Post”.

CSV Import - Step 0

Now we have to select our property CSV file by clicking on the green “Browse button”. Once selected click “Next”.

CSV Import - Step 1

On the next page under “Select post Type” choose “property”, and map our CSV header with the appropriate WP fields, as show in the screenshot below. Field names are identical to the CSV header, so simply select the WP fields that match the CSV header. Once you have assigned all WP fields, click “Next”.

CSV Import - Step 2

IMPORTANT: There will be five fields which you will find in CSV headers but you will not find in dropdown list to map with.

  1. raw_property_address
  2. raw_property_latitude
  3. raw_property_longitude
  4. raw_property_attachments
  5. raw_property_gallery

For these fields in drop down list the last option will be “Add Custom Field”. Click that option and you will see a new field appear next to it with same name header. Please do it for all these five fields.

Final step. Under “No. of posts/rows per server request” enter “1” and click the blue “Import Now” button.

CSV Import - Step 3/3

If you are going to import a lot of properties be patient, the import will take a while. Once done, go to “Property” to see the result.

NOTE: As the property gallery is using WordPress image ID’s we can’t simply import property gallery images from an external URL, as we did for our featured image. We have to upload them via WordPress first. You have to upload them separately for each property, when editing the property, underneath the text editor under “Property Images”.

Single Property Site

If you want to have only a single property site, you can use any property as your home page. In v2.4.2 we have added a new template “Single Property Home”. The layout for single property is identical to the one we have in our online demo of Realty:

These are the steps to create a single property website:

  1. Import Settings: First step is to import single property home settings, make sure to complete this step otherwise the site will not work as single property site, please find the JSON file here.In your website root directory go to: /wp-content/themes/realty/lib/plugins/realty-acf-single-property-site.json. Then, go to: Custom Fields > Tools. Under the “Import” section, click “Choose file” upload the file “realty-acf-single-property-site.json” and hit “Import”. Your settings will be imported.
  2. Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Single Property Home” under Page Attributes > Template. Hit “Publish”. This page will be used to show your single property site Please make sure you choose the right template.
  3. When you will select this template you will see “Property” box below the content area. Please select the property you want to show as your home page.You can add properties in Properties -> Add new
  4. Assign Page As Front Page / Home Page: Go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays, select “A static page” and choose the page you have created for “Single Property Home” and you are done.

For more information please have a look here Best Practices .


To embed live real estate data from your MLS provider install and activate the dsIDXpress plugin if you have a copy fo this plugin.

IMPORTANT: This plugin is not available temporarily in wordpress repository Here. We are going to get in touch with authors and update you as soon as possible or we will come up with a better alternative, we appreciate your cooperation.

This plugin embeds actual MLS data into your site, not iframes, so you get maximum SEO benefits. All IDX pages and shortcodes are properly styled: IDX property listings, IDX property detail page and all IDX widgets.

Register your trial account on to get your activatio key. After installing and activating the plugin go to IDX > Activation and paste in the key from the registration.

Once the “Current Status” changes to a green “Active” go to IDX > General Settings and select the page template “IDX” for the IDX templates under “Display Settings” as shown in the screenshot.

The property listing is located under To learn more about the plugins’ link structure visit

To add IDX links to your site menu go to Appearance > Menus, open your main menu, expand the “Links” tab, enter your IDX page URL, such as, a “Link Text” and click “Add To Menu”.

dsIDXpress comes with three custom widgets. To add them to your IDX page go to Appearance > Widgets. There you will find the following IDX widgets:

  • IDX Areas
  • IDX Listings
  • IDX Search
  • IDX Single Listing


If you are going to translate the theme into one single language, please continue reading the “Localization” chapter below. If you plan to offer your site in multiple languages the “WPML – Multilingual Site” chapter will tell you how.


Default language is english.

To change the language (WordPress 4.0+) go to Settings > General > Site Language and select the language of your liking.

If you are using a WordPress version prior to 4.0: open wp-config.php, which is located in the root directory of your WordPress installation, and update or add the following line:

define('WPLANG', '');


define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

The example above will set your language to german. To add another language instead of “de_DE” you insert the language code of your specific language.

List of language codes, see column “WordPress Locale”:

Theme string translation

Within the theme folder “languages” is the default language file named “default.po”. Copy and rename it to the language you have set in wp-config.php. If you want to translate into spanish you name it “es_ES.po”

Now download and install the free POedit software and open this file. Finally you translate all your desired strings into your target language.

Important: Make sure to copy the “languages” folder to your child theme and make your desired changes there, never edit any of the theme core files directly, otherwise your PO file changes will be gone, when updating the theme.

WPML - Multilingual Site

Realty is WPML compatible.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to download WPML before reading on.

Here are some more links that will help you to built your multilingual site in no time:

How To Update The Theme

Before You Update

When updating your theme all files under “/wp-content/themes/realty/” will be replaced.

Always use the child theme for all your file customization. Copy + paste the file(s) you want to edit to your child theme (keep the folder structure of the parent theme). Otherwise all changes you have directly applied to any of the original theme files will be lost after the update. The best resource to learn more about the overall concept of child themes is the official WordPress codex:

A theme update DOES NOT AFFECT your content or theme settings in any way. Those are stored in your database, the theme update only replaces the theme folder on your server.

Theme update process for customer:

  • If you choose to upload the theme zip file via WordPress you have to activate another theme first. Then delete the old Realty theme by clicking the theme screenshot, and then the red “Delete” link in the bottom right corner of the popup. Once deleted you can upload the new theme.
  • Upload via WordPress: Go to Appearance, click “Add New”. At the top of the page click “Upload”. Browse and select “” than press “Install Now”. Once the theme has been uploaded you will see a “Theme installed successfully.” message. Now click “Activate”.
  • Upload via FTP: Upload the theme folder via FTP and override the existing theme folder under “/wp-content/themes/realty/”, login to WordPress and go to Appearance > Themes and click the “Activate” button on the Realty screenshot.

Theme update process for customers:

You can enable the 1-click theme updater from your WordPress dashboard. You have to first activate your theme using your license key.

Please note that 1-Click updates are only available for customers. NOT for those customers, who have purchased from We do not sell the Realty theme on anymore, but exclusively on ThemeForest/Envato.

Copy the license key, which you can find at the bottom of your purchase confirmation email. Then go to Appearance > Theme license, paste your license key into the input field, click “Save Changes”. An “Activate license” button appears. Paste your license key one more time into the input field and click “Activate license”. If your key is valid, you’ll see a green active note.

When a theme update is available you will see a “Update Available” notification in the top of your WordPress admin bar. Go to Appearance > Themes and click “Update theme now”. Click “See what is new” to view the change log.

License renewal for customers

You can continue to use your theme without renewing your license, but you won’t receive theme updates and support anymore. As we offer Realty exclusively on ThemeForest, please head over to ThemeForest to purchase a new license, which by default gives you six months of theme support and updates.


Realty 2.4.3 - Feb 23, 2016
  • NEW Featured Properties Shortcode "Normal" and "Carousel" option with locations, status and type filters
  • NEW Vertical Map Search Listing Mouseover And Marker Highlighty
  • NEW Contact Form Mail To Agents/Owners and CC to admin
  • NEW Testimonial Vertical Layout Shortcode
  • NEW Single Property Page Gallery Header Custom Options
  • NEW Hide Selected Additional Fields on Property Page
  • NEW Sample Image For Listing When No Image
  • NEW Theme Option to Show/Hide Single property page map
  • IMPROVED Slideshow Template Remove Drag For Single Slide
  • IMPROVED Search Form Additional Fields Extra Label Option
  • IMPROVED Property Listing Hide Type and Status Theme Option
  • IMPROVED Contact Details on Header Clickable
  • IMPROVED Agent Template Page Content Enabled
  • FIXED Enable RTL Breaks Search Form and Page Horizontal Scroll
  • FIXED Property Submit Notification Does Not Work
  • FIXED Single Property Page Slideshow Thumbnails are not Synced with Slides
  • FIXED Front End Property Edit Agent Cannot Add files/images
  • FIXED Membership- Update Listings On Property Update
  • FIXED Membership Listings Updates On Property Deletion
  • FIXED Membership Free Package Issue/One Subscription For Free
  • FIXED Fixed Header Boxed Layout Width Issue
  • FIXED Video Post Thumbnail Widget issue
  • FIXED Price Range Slider Decimal Issue
  • FIXED Contact Page Empty Address JS Issue
  • FIXED ACF Field Labels Does not show up in search For some devices
  • FIXED Property listing Shortcode Grid and List view Option
  • FIXED Map Drag on mobiles and tabs
  • FIXED Template User Login/ Register success notifications
  • FIXED Single Property Page Agent Information
  • FIXED Stripe Payment SSL and Stripe keys space issue
  • FIXED Stripe Conflict With Other Stripe Plugins
  • FIXED Paypal Payments Issues
Realty 2.4.2 - Dec 20, 2015
  • NEW Property Listings Default Field Labels Same As in ACF .
  • NEW Single Property home Template.
  • NEW Contact Form Template Map Zoom Level Theme Option.
  • NEW Agent/Subscriber Bio HTML Filter.
  • NEW Agent template order by name, date registered, login, post count and email.
  • IMPROVED Child Theme Improved.
  • IMPROVED Email Layout Improvement
  • IMPROVED Single Property Meta empty fields will not show up.
  • IMPROVED Single Property Slideshow Loop
  • IMPROVED Contact Form 7 Send Email To Agent/Admin.
  • IMROVED ACF Additional Fields Order As defined in wp admin.
  • FIXED Agent Section Bugs On Single Property Page.
  • FiXED Password Reset Email Does Not Reset .
  • FIXED Membership package Issues for free package and stripe payment issues.
  • FiXED Radio and Checkbox ACF additional field does not show up in search form.
  • FIXED Audio does not stop on intro page, option removed.
  • FIXED Auto Play For Vimeo Does not work in intro page
  • FIXED Three or four columns not working for carousal slider
  • FIXED Custom Slideshow Original Image Ratios does not work
  • FIXED Bootstrap Date Picker Conflict With ACF Date Picker
  • FIXED IDX ACF google map conflict
Realty 2.4.1 - Nov 11, 2015
  • FIXED Various JS issues
  • FIXED Single property page warning
  • FIXED RTL issues for WPML
  • FIXED Intro page template (single slide and featured image issue)
  • FIXED Search results page template "hide_sidebar" undefined warning
  • UPDATED PO language file
Realty 2.4 - Nov 07, 2015
  • NEW Page Builder by SiteOrigin support
  • NEW Widget "Property Listing"
  • NEW Widget "Single Property"
  • NEW Widget "Custom Property Search"
  • NEW Widget "Property Map"
  • NEW Widget "Membership Packages"
  • NEW Shortcode - Agent Properties
  • IMPROVED Shortcode "property_listing" allows for multiple features (separated by comma)
  • IMPROVED Unlimited Google Maps on one page (with working map controls for each map)
  • FIXED Video Icon does not pop up on favorites page
  • FIXED Share Icon does not work in favorites page
  • FIXED After Ajax Search Video Icon does not work
  • FIXED Agent Bio Trimmed Text Issue
  • FIXED Replace payment button for "Membership For Free Packages"
  • FIXED Favorites not removed for logged out users
  • FIXEd Additional Fields Tab Does Not Open By Default
  • FIXED Search Does Not Work When Map is Disabled
  • FIXED Into Page Template YouTUbe Video Size
  • FIXED Single slideshow item
  • FIXED Shortcode "property_listing" Sort By Toggle
  • FIXED Price Range Slider Decimal Issue
Realty 2.3 - Oct 17, 2015

Update Instructions

Page template "Home Slideshow" and "Property Slideshow" have been removed in Realty 2.3. They are now merged into the ACF field powered "Slideshow" page template. Which is less redundant and allows you to created an unlimited number of slideshow pages, either with properties or custom content.

If you have been using Realty prior to v2.3 you have to import the "realty-acf-slideshow-settings.json" file by following the steps under Slideshow Page

  • NEW Slideshow page template
  • NEW Slideshow navigation "Dots" (Theme Options > Property > Property Slideshow Navigation)
  • NEW Slideshow transition effect selection slide/fade
  • NEW Property Image Location (Theme Options > Property > Property Image Location)
  • NEW Property Video Location (Theme Options > Property > Property Video Location)
  • NEW Follow The Property: user receives email when property is updated (Theme Options > Property > Disable Follow The Property) . Subscribe/unsubscribe by clicking the icon next to the property title on any single property page.
  • NEW Allow multiple addresses in contact form
  • NEW Intro page template fullscreen backgrund video (YouTube/Vimeo)
  • NEW ACF field type support for Taxonomy, File, Page Links, oEmbed
  • NEW Ajax search spinner
  • NEW Map shortcode parameter: property type, status, featues, latitude, longitude
  • NEW Full-Width/Boxed Site Layout ( Theme Options > General > Site Layout)
  • NEW Social sharing option in property listings
  • NEW Search Results Default Order (Theme Options > Property Search > Search Results Default Order)
  • NEW "Total Views" column under "Property"
  • IMPROVED Search fields limitation
  • IMPROVED Page speed by adding lazyload on "Slideshow" page template and single property slideshow. Replaced all Flexslider with Owl Carousel.
  • FIXED Search pagination issue
  • FIXED Single slideshow item on mobile
  • FIXED RTL max price range slider bug
  • FIXED "Hide Empty Additional Details“ visibility
  • FIXED ACF field labels on default property meta data
  • FIXED Email no password and username included
  • FIXED Membership "-1" for unlimited properties listings
  • FIXED Favorites for logged out users are active, map controls not working
  • UPDATED ACF Pro 5.3.1, Bootstrap 3.3.5, FontAwesome 4.4.0, Redux Framework
Realty 2.2 - Sep 12, 2015
  • NEW Stripe payment option for listings and subscriptions.
  • NEW Membership packages with Stripe and PayPal payment options.
  • NEW Shortcode generator form to create shortcodes.
  • NEW Search map lock on mobile to avoid scroll difficulty.
  • NEW Google map load property thumbnail on click.
  • NEW Show featured properties on top, sort by featured option added.
  • NEW Show number of views for a property (Property meta data).
  • NEW Import gallery images and attachments with other fields
  • Single property page address title Hide/Show toggle icon.
  • RTL and WPML switch based on languages.
  • FIXED: Wordpress update v4.3 issues.
  • FiXED: User registration email issue for WordPress v4.3.
  • UPDATED Recommended/Required plugins notifications
  • Other small CSS improvements overall
Realty 2.1 - Aug 04, 2015
  • IMROVED ACF fields support for radio, select and check boxes.
  • NEW Show agent info to logged in users, select in theme options.
  • NEW Auto Play slideshow in single property page.
  • NEW widget for agents properties on property pages .
  • NEW Multiple Search Forms, for more details Click Here.
  • NEW Property Status Sticker/Tag On Listings.
  • NEW Last Updated Date show For Properties in Listings and details page.
  • NEW Property Contact Email CC Admin.
  • NEW Featured Properties Shortcode Improvements, [featured_properties columns="2" order="desc" num_of_listings="3"] .
  • NEW Lost password and registration emails customization and login link to site.
  • Fixed Property Slideshow Accent Color issue.
  • IMPROVED Custom Slideshow Content Title Bar Accent Color
  • FIXED Contact Form and Social icons issue in Safari.
  • NEW Map marker auto open on single property page.
  • NEW property listing title below, over or above thumbnail, select in theme options.
  • NEW Property listing title center or right.
  • NEW Property Video section layout, show below gallery or in gallery.
  • NEW Featured Property Tag, select in theme options.
  • NEW Vertical Map Template for search results.
  • NEW Single Property - New title style (linear dark gradient).
  • FIXED Contact Page Map Issue.
  • FIXED Price Suffix On Property Pages.
  • IMPROVED Media library permissions on property submit page.
  • FIXED Property Slideshow issue for Featured Properties .
Realty 2.0 - Jun 18, 2015
  • NEW ACF pro integrated overall
  • NEW More parameters for property listing shortcode [property_listing columns="3" per_page="10" show_sorting_toggle_view="show" sort_by="date-new"].
  • NEW Plugin For Custom Post Type "property" and property taxonomies For 100% data portability
  • NEW Use login popup or login page, login page template is provided .
  • NEW Theme Option not to show properties to Logged out users.
  • NEW Show/hide Option for footer widgets on each page.
  • New Agent and Subscriber profile and agent information settings in theme options.
  • NEW Agent Template to show agents in a vertical list.
  • NEW Agent shortcode parameters [agents columns="3" order="DESC"].
  • NEW Option to open social media in new tab.
  • NEW Post categories default page template
  • NEW Styled google maps using map library.
  • NEW Theme Option: Single Property - Additional Details Layout Grid and Tabs.
  • NEW Sort by name option to sort properties.
  • NEW Home Slideshow - Add Background, Text Color & Alignment for custom slides
  • NEW "AND" "OR" Relationship in Theme Options property for property search fields.
  • NEW Welcome message to logged in users.
  • IMPROVED Added End size and mid size in Pagination like 1 2 3 4 .......20 21 23 24 for several pages.
  • IMPROVED Added if() before each function to make use of child theme better.
  • IMPROVED Similar Property Show/Hide Option.
  • IMPROVED Multilingual datepicker calendar for WPML.
  • IMPROVED Property Search include properties with -1 price.
  • IMPROVED Ipad, Ipad mini and other Apple devices layouts.
  • IMPROVED Language Translations overall.
  • FIXED Property Search Page Cannot be home page.
Realty 1.6.3 - Mar 17, 2015
  • NEW Property Listing shortcode grid and list view: [property_listing view="grid"]
  • IMPROVED Submenu visibility in sticky header
  • FIXED Several RTL issues
  • FIXED Property link map issue
  • FIXED Property search for "Features"
  • FIXED Map load with 300+ markers was crashing pages
  • FIXED Featured properties shortcode RTL issue
Realty 1.6.2 - Feb 23, 2015
  • NEW SEO - Lazy load of all slideshow images
  • NEW SEO - Multiple slideshow thumbnail widths for faster page load time (1200px, 1600px and original image width)
  • NEW „unfiltered_html“ for use role „agent“, so they can submit iframes etc.
  • NEW Append „?login“ to your URL to open login popup on any site
  • NEW Show PayPal „Buy Now“ button after successful property submit
  • NEW Theme Option - „Show Submenu By Default On Mobile"
  • IMPROVED „My Properties“ page - Show login to visitors
  • IMPROVED Enqueue IDX CSS only when dsIDXpress plugin is active
  • IMPROVED dsIDXpress Pro version styling
  • IMPROVED Property search columns layout
  • IMPROVED Featured property accent color in listing
  • IMPROVED SEO - Caching by removing "ver" paramater from theme-specific CSS and JS resources
  • IMPROVED Single Property - Added element IDs for all custom field
  • IMPROVED Half integers (0.5) for property rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages field
  • FIXED HTTPS check for custom map marker, and social sharing URLs
  • FIXED Bootstrap RTL select dropdown issue
  • FIXED Price range slider display when using multiple searches on the same page
  • FIXED Comparison page error when all features are empty
  • FIXED Property Listing field „Property ID“ (Theme Option: „Property ID Type“ = „Post ID")
  • FIXED Custom Field value output on single property page
Realty 1.6.1 - Jan 31, 2015

Update Instructions: Setup Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search and Appearance > Theme Options > Property > Custom Meta Data.

  • NEW Floor Plans
  • NEW Custom single property meta data fields (theme options panel: „Property > Meta Data Type > Custom“)
  • NEW & IMPROVED Property Search - Unlimited, reusable, sortable custom property search fields (e.g. min + max. price search etc.)
  • NEW Theme Option "Property ID Type“ - Use WordPress post ID or custom property ID
  • NEW Customizable Mini Property Search
  • NEW ACF „Required“ option added
  • NEW ACF field type „email"
  • NEW „Custom Zoom Level“ for „Home - Property Map“page template
  • NEW Theme Option - Search Results Page: Disable Map
  • IMPROVED Dynamic Custom Property Fields
  • IMPROVED - On mobile hide sub menu items initially, toggle on click
  • IMPROVED „Featured Property“ Highlighting
  • IMPROVED Navbar contact details on mobile (line-height)
  • IMPROVED Property Price - To Set „Price Upon Request“ use „-1“ instead of „0"
  • IMPROVED Header contact email address linked („mailto“)
  • IMPROVED Property Search - Added nesting to property status and type
  • IMPROVED Property comment click on „Reply“ auto-select comment box, instead of message textarea
  • IMPROVED Pluggable functions for child theme
  • IMPROVED Agent email addressis linked („mailto“)
  • IMPROVED Protocol independent video thumbnails
  • FIXED Password change save produces PHP error
  • FIXED Property Submit - Empty location show error message
  • FIXED Theme Option „Disable Property Comparison"
  • FIXED Property Submit - Check ID for uniqueness
  • FIXED Header navbar background CSS on mobile
  • FIXED Datepicker was fired three times, instead of one
  • FIXED Random „Featured Agent“ widget
  • UPDATED Meta box plugin 4.3.8 > 4.4.1
  • UPDATED FontAwesome 4.2.0 > 4.3.0
  • UPDATED Bootstrap Datepicker 1.3.0 > 1.3.1
Realty 1.6 - Jan 14, 2015

Update Instructions: Create a new page with page template "Property Comparison" and hit "Publish".

  • NEW Property Comparison
  • NEW Property Attachments
  • NEW Property Comments (enable under „Appearance > Theme Options > Property > Show Property Comments“)
  • NEW Added „Page Sidebar“ to page template „Home -Slideshow“, „Home - Property Map“, and „Property Search"
  • NEW Property Search - „Search By Keyword“ (e.g. „Free Text Search“, which searches title and content for a match)
  • NEW Property Search - Custom field support for "Text area“
  • NEW Property Search - Comparison: „LIKE“
  • NEW Property Submit - Added „Internal Notes“ field, which is not visible to visitors, only in WP admin area and to the property owner in frontend property management
  • NEW Property Submit - Added fields "Status Update“, „Video Provider“, and „Video ID“
  • NEW Property Price - „Price Upon Request“ when entering a price of „0“
  • NEW Theme Option „Property Submit" - Set default property address/location on „Property Submit" page
  • NEW Theme Option „Property Submit“ - Toglge submit link in top header on/off
  • NEW Theme Option - Slideshow Speed
  • NEW Theme Option - Logo URL (helpful, if you are using intro page as your frontpage)
  • NEW Theme Option - "Property > Property Listing Default View“ (grid / list)
  • NEW Always show user profile page, even when user has no published properties
  • IMPROVED Sidebar search form dropdown CSS
  • IMPROVED Pice range offset in search form
  • IMPROVED Modal z-index on fixed header
  • IMPROVED Theme Option - Tab „Social“
  • IMPROVED Linked agent email address on property detail page and profile page
  • FIXED My Properties - AJAX search showed all properties, instead of only logged-in user properties
  • FIXED Favorites count accounts for deleted properties as well
  • FIXED Map type on search results page changed to roadmap when clicking the map
  • FIXED Typograph body color
  • FIXED Property listing columns in „taxonomy.php“
  • FIXED Property search modal „more“ link did not toggle
Realty 1.5.2 - Dec 12, 2014
  • NEW My Properties - Added „Delete“ button (moves deleted property to „trash“)
  • NEW User registration "Terms and conditions“ checkbox (assign T&C page under „General“ tab of your theme options panel)
  • NEW Additional ACF field type support for "Checkboxes", "Radio buttons", "Select dropdowns"
  • NEW Theme Option „Property > Display Custom Property Listing Fields" - Choose specific fields to show in property listing
  • NEW Theme Option „Property Submit“ - Hide payment notifications on submit page
  • NEW Social Logins (required plugin:
  • NEW Google Maps „Map Type" Control - Toggle between satellite, roadmap, hybrid, and terrain view
  • NEW My Properties - Added AJAX property search for easier property browsing
  • NEW Property Submit - "Save New Property" and "Publish New Property“ button
  • NEW Property Submit - Show submit fee as tooltip of “Buy Now” button
  • NEW Property Submit - Property ID field
  • NEW Theme Option „Property > Property Lightbox“ - Added „None“ option
  • NEW Open Graph meta tag for accurate Facebook sharer thumbnail selection
  • IMPROVED Property submit - Location nesting
  • IMPROVED Blog posts page - Show full content of post content, instead of excerpt (use more link)
  • IMPROVED „Featured Properties“ shortcode styling fit default listing
  • IMPROVED Owl Carousel auto height when using multiple columns
  • IMPROVED JS Google Maps Infobox - Only open one infobox at a time, and close on map click
  • FIXED Price range slider sync bug
  • FIXED Empty price range values JS error
  • FIXED Home slideshow dropdown CSS overflow
  • FIXED Property Submit - Property layout assignment
  • FIXED Social sharing button localization
  • FIXED CTP „Property“ taxonomy slug localization
  • FIXED Hide payment notifications on submit page, when PayPal is disabled
  • UPDATE Bootstrap 3.2.0 -> 3.3.1
  • UPDATE wpml-config.xml
Realty 1.5.1 - Nov 22, 2014

How To Update: If you are using "Property - Slideshow" page template, you have to save your property slideshow search form settings again.

  • NEW Property Video - Available in property listing, property detail page, and home + property slideshow title (supports YouTube & Vimeo)
  • NEW Single Property - Property image lightbox (Magnific Popup)
  • NEW Property Submit - Included ACF fields (Supported custom field types: text, number, date picker)
  • NEW Slideshow Height - Set page template „Home - Slideshow“ and page template „Property Slideshow" height to „Original Image Ratio“ / „Fullscreen“ or „Custom Height"
  • NEW Map Height - Set page template „Home - Property Map“ and page template „Property Search" map height to „Original Image Ratio“ / „Fullscreen“ or „Custom Height"
  • NEW Property Image Height - Set single property image height to „Original Image Ratio“ / „Fullscreen“ or „Custom Height"
  • NEW Page Template "Property - Slideshow“ - Property search „Mini Search“ or „Custom Search“
  • NEW Theme Option - Enable/disable favorites feature
  • NEW Theme Option - "Use Contact Form 7“ as single property contact form
  • NEW Theme Option - Header: Show site tagline underneath logo
  • NEW Theme Option - Global Price Prefix
  • NEW Theme Option - Global Price Suffix
  • NEW Theme Option - „Home Slideshow > Show Property Search Form“
  • NEW Property Listing Shortcode - To enable list view instead of grid, use: [property_listing view=„list“]
  • NEW Property Setting - Single Property Price Prefix
  • NEW Property Setting - Single Property Price Suffix
  • IMPROVED Page Template "Property Map" - Choose to display specific location, type, status
  • IMPROVED Property item - Subtitle class targeting
  • FIXED Intense Image - Scroll stutter
  • FIXED Taxonomy pages uppercase title
  • FIXED JS error on AJAX search without map
  • FIXED Advanced Custom Fields error message, when there are no custom property fields
  • FIXED Single property - Intense Image title
  • FIXED IDX styling issue of secondary data table
Realty 1.5 - Nov 05, 2014

How To Update: After updating to Realty 1.5 go to Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search and create your own custom search, as the basic default search has been deprecated.

  • NEW Advanced Custom Fields Integration (support: text, numers, date picker)
  • NEW Fully Customizable Property Search
  • NEW Property Search: Price Range
  • NEW Property Search: New Criteria "Property Features"
  • NEW Header layout (logo left, nav right, contact top)
  • NEW Theme Option: „Property > Allow Non-Logged-In Visitors To Save Favorites Temporary"
  • NEW Theme Option: „Property > Property Image Ratio“
  • NEW Theme Option: „Property > Hide Empty Additional Details"
  • NEW Theme Option: „Property > Hide Non Applicable Property Features"
  • NEW Fullscreen property image caption
  • IMPROVED Single property: More prominent styling for property status update
  • IMPROVED Added property status to listings and shortcodes
  • FIXED Property listing click issue on mobile
  • FIXED Agent page content length limitation
  • FIXED Flexslider smooth height adjustment when using landscape and portrait images
  • FIXED Intro page background image cover entire screen
  • FIXED RTL issue on select elements
  • FIXED RTL Intro page text overlay
  • FIXED Theme Options localization bugs
Realty 1.4.2 - Oct 21, 2014
  • NEW Page template „Property Slideshow“ with mini search and fullscreen option.
  • NEW Property payment subscriptions - Charge specific amount every .. days/weeks/months/years
  • NEW Property payment - Charge specific amount additionally for property to be „Featured"
  • NEW Property location now up to four level deep (for example: Country > State > City > District )
  • NEW RTL support for hebrew /arabic languages (make sure to activate RTL in Theme Options Panel „General“ tab)
  • NEW Enable/disable property submit for registered users (subscriber)
  • NEW Theme Option: Show/hide property submit link to non-logged-in visitors
  • NEW Theme Option: Enable fixed/scrolling site header
  • NEW Theme Option: Pricing format set number of decimals
  • NEW Shortcode: Latest posts
  • ADDED Address on property detail page (underneath title)
  • IMPROVED Theme Option: Datepicker now available in 52 languages
  • IMPROVED: Hide property search results "views" on mobile
  • FIXED Shortcode single property on property detail page formatting
  • FIXED Map cluster numbers off on mobile
Realty 1.4.1 - Oct 08, 2014
  • NEW 100% WPML compatible
  • NEW Demo content images
  • NEW Number of bathrooms supports half integers
  • NEW Theme Option "Similar Properties Columns"
  • IMPROVED Mobile friendly login header icons
  • FIXED „property_listing“ shortcode „max_price“ filter
  • FIXED Property submit empty taxonomies
  • FIXED Single property image slider on mobile
  • FIXED WPML menu language switcher dropdown
  • FIXED Intro page background height on mobile screen
  • FIXED Search form active date background color
  • FIXED Small logo bug
Realty 1.4 - Sep 21, 2014
  • NEW Property Payments via PayPal (with payment details for each property)
  • NEW „Similar Properties“ on single property page
  • ADDED Multiple filters for "property_listing" shortcode
  • ADDED Theme Options - Typography font sizes
  • ADDED FadeIn retina-ready logo after site is loaded
  • FIXED Status update on single property boxed layout page
  • NEW Responsive Maps
  • NEW Check Featured Image on property submit for min. dimension of 600x300px
  • NEW Admin can assign agents on frontend property submit, so agents can later manage properties by themselve
  • IMPROVED IDX styling for mobile devices
Realty 1.3 - Sep 16, 2014
  • NEW Frontend property submit with email notification. User role "Agent" can publish right away. "Subscriber" (default user role) submits property as "pending", and needs admin to publish a property.
  • NEW User role „agent“. Replaces custom post type "agent".
  • NEW Many additional user profile information (upload user profile picture etc.)
  • NEW Theme Option: Turn header login/register bar on/off
  • NEW Theme Option: Set default map zoom level
  • NEW Property column „Owner“ in admin area
  • IMPROVED Single property without image(s) styling
  • FIXED Contact form infobox bug
  • FIXED Empty favorits DB error
Realty 1.2 - Sep 08, 2014
  • NEW Property Bulk Import
  • NEW User Registration & Login (Save Favorites & Update Profile Pnformation)
  • NEW Add Unique Property Status Updates To Any Property (Replaced "SOLD" badge)
  • NEW Theme Option: WordPress Login Page - Background Color
  • IMPROVED dsIDXpress - Shortcode Styling
  • UPDATED FontAwesome 4.1.0 -> 4.2.0 (40 New Font Icons)
  • FIXED [[map]] Shortcode Center Address & Custom Map Marker
  • FIXED Single Property „Boxed Layout“ Minimum Height
  • FIXED Top Page Banner Full Width Issue
Realty 1.1 - Sep 01, 2014
  • NEW Full MLS/IDX Support (dsIDXpress Plugin)
  • NEW AJAX Powered Property Search
  • NEW Theme Option: Property Listing: Number Of Columns (2,3 Or 4)
  • NEW 3 Default Map Marker + Custom Map Marker Upload
  • IMPROVED Property Listing Layout
  • IMPROVED Property Map Thumbnail Sizes (Reduce In Load Time)
  • FIXED Property Map Loading Delay
Realty 1.0 - Aug 22, 2014
  • Initial Release